Dreams of Above!

2009-08-08 01:15:27 by Epitaph64

SO! It still appears after a couple of years that dreams of above is my most popular song! I am both flattered and astonished at the amount of listens it has gotten up to this point. In fact, all those listens equate to over 11 days straight of play time! Now, I am wondering, would anyone be interested in a remixed version of the song? Well, I might just start working on it soon, so stay tuned!


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2009-08-28 09:55:37

I would like it! I guess...

I hope you manage to do something even better. :)


2009-09-12 16:36:38

Me of course! But seriously, over 11 days? Awesome XD


2009-10-12 16:11:32

So, are you going to make it or what?